Gathering Graces 2/6/2018

*For 45 minutes each Monday and Tuesday afternoon I get to experience Magic.  Theater magic.  Performing magic.  It is a magical time working with my group  of students who have chosen theater.  I love their imaginations.  I love their courage.  These students are first through fifth graders.  Monday I said they could come to the group on Tuesday and stand up in front of the group and sing a song on their own.  Almost every one of them got up and sang part of a song.  We are working on a group number, Do Re Mi from  The Sound of Music.  I played a You Tube clip of the song to the students, and they sat there watching it, and were so engaged.  I just love working with these students!!
*I listened to the final episode of Slow Burn last night. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast.  Maybe I am so intrigued with Watergate, because I have these memories of having the Watergate hearings on the television all day, and nothing else was on at our house.  I am sure I thought, as a nine going on ten-year-old that summer that those hearings needed to stop so we could get back to regularly scheduled programming!!
*Inspired by my brother’s bean preparation in the Crock-pot a few weeks ago, I got a ham bone  out of the freezer and let it thaw, and put it in the Crock-pot with some celery and onions, salt and pepper, and some navy beans.  I did this Monday night before I went to bed.  By lunch today the beans were cooked and it tasted delicious.  I removed the bone, and sliced off some of the remaining ham that was on the bone.  I took out the chunks of onion and celery from the beans.  And by lunchtime today the beans were ready and delicious.  I had some for lunch, and a bowl for dinner.  And it was very easy to put together.  It went great with the left over spoon bread from Sunday night’s dinner.
*This has been the week to have former classmates brought to my attention.  Yesterday it was Cecil McNutt. Today I asked the drama kids if they had ever been to a live concert, and one of the boys named a band, called “The Rub”, and he said, “Do you know Cary Beare?”  I said, “Yes, I went to school with Cary Beare”.  Carey was a sophomore my senior year, and is a part of a few different bands, and lives some of the time in Cataldo I believe, and may even have his own recording studio out there.  I have run into him a few times since moving back to the Silver Valley.

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