Gathering Graces 2/7/2018

*Today was all about talking to seniors in English classes, and making sure they are keeping on track, and doing what they need to do to go to college.  It was a great day, and they had a lot of questions, and are working hard to get through the college application and college acceptance process, as well as figuring out all the financial aid as well. 
*Paul and I received a really nice surprise from a co-worker who gave us some really delicious rolls that I served with our roast beef dinner tonight.  We also had baked potatoes topped with mushrooms sauteed in butter and bleu cheese and roasted broccoli.  I am really becoming a fan of roasted broccoli.  To make this recipe, you cut up the broccoli and then melt coconut oil, and mix it with salt, pepper and minced garlic, and toss it all with the broccoli.  Then roast for about 8 minutes, toss in the pan and add red pepper flakes if you want, then roast an additional 7 minutes.  So, so yummy!
*We had our P.E.O. meeting at Sandy’s house, and she did the program after the meeting, and shared about the time she lived in Indonesia, and what it was like living there in the early 1970’s as a military wife, and some of her different experiences, and how she loved living in that country.  It was fascinating hearing about her Indonesian adventures!!  She also shared about Bali and how beautiful that was, and told us all to put it on our Bucket List.

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