Gathering Graces 2/2/2018

*Apparently the groundhog saw his shadow today, and there is suppose to be six more weeks of winter.  Today the weather was more early spring-like.  Rainy, not really cold, kind of dark, gray and drizzly.  My feeling is, if it is going to be winter, than give me snow...none of these dark,, gray, rainy gloomy days.  I’d take snowfall over this any day.
*Today was spent doing a little of this and a little of that around the house.  My coaster project was completed.  I started a dishcloth with a different pattern.  I listened to podcasts.  I listened to the Sting Pandora station.  I filled the dishwasher.  I did some laundry.  I made funny Snapchat videos to send my daughters and friends.  I planned the menu for Sunday’s family dinner I will be hosting.  I cuddled with dogs.  I cuddled with cats.  It was a good day.
*Halfway through the day I met Christy for coffee at The Bean.  We talked about her recent doctor’s appointment and things going on in her life, and things coming up in her life.  She has a lot going on, so it was nice to talk and see how she was doing.  I enjoyed my new favorite drink at The Bean...a London  Fog.  This is made by combining brewed Earl Grey Tea, a shot of espresso, steamed milk and a splash of vanilla syrup.  It is delicious!  Starbucks used to serve these a long time ago, and I kind of forgot about them until The Bean owner Sarah mentioned this drink one time when I was in there, so I decided to try it, and now I am hooked.  You can also have it make without the espresso shot, but I enjoy it with the coffee flavor.
*I received some information to mull over about a potential new job I may start that I can do on the side with my regular job.  I am going to continue thinking about it, and see if I want to start, and if so, when.
*Paul made a fire and as we warmed by the comforting glow, we had a good visit about the upcoming show he is directing at the Sixth Street Theater.  The original show that was scheduled had to be canceled, so he is going a reader’s theater of the play The Rivals*. It will be performed the first three weekends in March.  I am excited to see his vision for this show be performed on stage.
* The Rivals is a Comedy of Manners, and the play satirizes sentimentalism and sophisticated pretensions, without the typical eighteenth-century moralizing. The dialogue crackles with wit even today, over two hundred years after it was first penned. This play is the source of the term “malapropism,” named for Mrs. Malaprop, whose delightful “derangement of epitaphs” consists of using sophisticated-sounding words incorrectly.

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