Gathering Graces 3/21/2019

*The morning was spent getting new colors in my hair and a new cut.  I always enjoy when this day comes.  I had to laugh when I was sitting in the chair after I got there, and Lori, whe massage therapist who works at the salon, came over and was talking to my stylist and as she walked away, I said something and she was surprised it was me in the chair, because she said, “my hair looked too normal.”  Ha! Ha!  I had to laugh.  I can’t really done anything to it this morning, so it was looking a bit flat.
*Through a series of email, I found out I will be having two more drama classes, next Tuesday and Wednesday, with a puppet show being performed on Wednesday.  Today we created some “sets” and props for the puppet show, and read through the script.  It will be fun to put on the show on Wednesday.
*After class I came home and took care of the animals, wrote my blog and prepped for my classes the next day.  Then I drove over to Christy’s house.  She prepared some Taco Salad and invited us over as the “March Madness” plays on the television.
*In a quirky turn of events, as reported through our daily Voxer talks, all three daughters are dealing with ant infestations in their apartments.  Isn’t that weird?  I am hoping the ants don’t decide to show up at our house anytime soon.
*Because of my early morning hair appointment, I didn’t get my nap, so I headed straight for be when I got home. 

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