Gathering Graces 3/14/2019

*After teaching and napping I headed to Pinehurst to Michele’s house to get some PEO work done.  I am taking over as Treasurer, so there were many things to learn and do before our meeting next week.
*Once we were done, I headed home and got ready for my classes for the next day.  Then it was time to go to KMS for work with the drama students.  I found out, for many of them, this would be their last time in drama, because many of them will be participating in track, and practices begin on Monday.  I wish I would have realized this earlier.  I will be sad to not work with the students who now have to miss, but I am excited they want to do track.  I loved traveling to track meets when my girls were in Middle School and participated in track.  For me, track is one of the best sports to watch in my opinion.
*I had made a cabbage salad the night before.  Tonight I browned some hamburger with some taco seasoning in it.  I combined the two, and boy was it delicious.  Cabbage is becoming one of my favorite vegetables to prepare!! 
*Zoe had given me a book for Christmas, and I have finally been able to start reading it.  It was mentioned in one of her cooking podcasts she listens to, and it is very interesting.  It is about a woman who grew up in the projects in Boston, and her rather different way she came about being a well known chef.  I am really enjoying her story.

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