Gathering Graces 3/12/2019

*It was a pretty lazy and relaxing day, recovering from the awesome trip I took with my three daughters this last week.  But getting back into my teaching routine again, plus dealing with Daylight Saving Time, made for a rather lazy day.
*My feet did venture out at one point.  I had some pasty orders to drop off at the Silver Valley Christian Academy, and I delivered flowers to my sister that I had bought her in Seattle.  She has had a tough week, and I was hoping the flowers would brighten her day.
*The rest of my day was sleeping, prepping for classes for tomorrow, making dinner, and watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I also rescheduled a dentist appointment.  I am hoping by April 9th my tooth nerves have calmed down, and I can get the temporary crown taken off and the permanent crown put on.
*Paul started teaching Driver’s Education today.  It didn’t snow enough to make it hazardous to the students, so he was able to take them out on their first drive.  He brought one group to the house to practice pulling into our driveway.
*It was an early evening for me as my body adjusts back to my teaching schedule.

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