Gathering Graces 11/9/2017

*Today I felt like a ping pong. Or maybe more like the original Atari video game Pong.  I couldn’t focus.  I would start on one project, then see another piece of paper and do that.  Then see something on my computer screen and do that. Then back to the original project.  Let’s just say I wasn’t very focused throughout the day.  But I did manage to get everything done I needed to do, despite the bouncing around all day. (If you are too young to have experienced the awesomeness of Atari Pong,, watch this video here.)
*What a joy having parents and students sit in our school’s library and help them through the sometimes daunting process of creating FSA IDs and applying for the FAFSA.  There were some little glitches along the way, which is why it is nice to have someone to help.  Between our counselor Dan, Warren with Upward Bound and myself, we were able to help those who showed up last night.  Then Warren gave a presentation on Scholarships that was very informative as well.  I just really love helping seniors and their parents through this whole senior year process.
*Paul made a fire last night after we both got home, and it was so nice and cozy sitting by the fire talking and relaxing after a wonderful but busy week. 

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