Gathering Graces 11/28/2017

*I love how our pets have such different personalities.  This evening, Clark was show his strong will by not coming in after dark when called.  Oh, he would come to the back porch, then just run off.  I think he was miffed that Archie was running around in the backyard while Clark was stuck up in the neighbors tree watching.  Here and I thought Clark was doing a great job of getting Archie to run!!  After we returned home from rehearsal, Clark finally came in the house.
*Bill came over and we went over the figures for Mom’s estate settlement.  Everything looks good.  This has not been an easy task for brother Bill, but he has handled it beautifully, and done a great job as executor of the will.
*Today I was thinking of Peny Benson, a wonderful family friend who passed away on November 26th.  I don’t think I remember life without Peny.  Her son Eric and I grew up together, and her husband Wayne was my band teacher from fifth grade through ninth grade.  She was in the same nursing home as Mom, and was a source of strength and love for not only us, but for employees and residents alike.  It was no surprise she was recently named Resident of the Year.  My heart goes out to her family.  A link to her obituary is here.

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