Gathering Graces 11/13/2017

*I stayed home from work today to try and get over my cold.
*Maybe it was my cold.  Maybe it was the rainy weather.  But I felt kind of down today. 
*Garth Brooks may be to blame, too.  Well, not him personally.  But for years I have wanted to see him in concert.  Then I saw the announcement that he was coming to Spokane for a concert.  But the tickets were being sold the day of Mom’s service, and I thought the performances were only over the weekend, and I had my own shows.  When I found out later they extended into the following week, I was pretty bummed.  And to see all the photos and comments on Facebook of how wonderful the concert was did not help my mood.
*It was a productive day, though.  I made a list in the morning, and all the things on the list were accomplished, so I guess that was something.
*Today was a wallowing day.  Today was a “I feel like a failure” day. 
*This is suppose to be about gathering the graces in my life.  I did have those, too.  One was sharing with Paul over dinner and tears a very big disappointment, and feeling better after I talked with him.  Paul’s dermatologist appointment went well, and his skin looks good.  And Paul stopped at Costco and got some yummy food.  I also met with some people who are going to help me with the Christmas show at the theater.  So not all was lost today.  There were a few rays of sunshine in my otherwise gloomy day.

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