Gathering Graces 11/26/2017

*I don’t think God minds when I picture my Mom and Dad doing the Foxtrot in Heaven when I was listening to the song I Can Only Imagine this morning before church.  And then the tears began to flow.  How cool to say, “Alexa, play Christian praise and worship music”, and she finds a playlist of great songs to play on the Echo Dot as I prepare to go to church.  The song talks about dancing for Jesus, and the only way I can imagine Mom and Dad dancing for Jesus is doing the Foxtrot.  Pert and Mary were pretty good dancers!!
*You can tell we have been on break this past week, because the process of getting to church was a little rusty.  I got a text from Simon Miller saying Paul needed his glasses.  He was using Simon’s phone, because he also forgot to take his phone.  As I was ready to head to church, neither set of keys was hanging up.  I called Paul and he had one set.  When we got into the car, the other set was on the seat of the car, probably left there by Cosette Roberts when she drove the car the day before.  After all that, we finally made it to church.
*The afternoon was very relaxing.  We had some leftovers (do they ever go away?), and settled in for a little Sunday afternoon nap.  Then I started a fire in the fireplace and spent some time getting ready for our first rehearsal of the Christmas show, which we will have Monday evening. 
*Paul shared a YouTube video with me that he wanted me to watch, so I sat down and watched David Brooks talk about The Road to Depth: Thinking About What Character Is.  If you want to listen to a great talk that really makes you think, you can go here to see the video.

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