Gathering Graces 11/16/2017

*I worked from home today.  I brought home lots of paper work that needed to be done on the computer.  This way I could save my voice and not have to talk all day, except occasionally to one of the pets.  I got a lot accomplished!!
*One of my guilty pleasures/comfort food is a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds.  So this morning I had one for breakfast and it tasted so good, along with some orange juice and a hashbrown.
*Around the first of October, we discovered one of our hot water heaters in the basement was slowly leaking.  Paul figured it was getting rusted out on the bottom.  We were monitoring the situation, and all was well, until last weekend.  The pilot light went out in the hot water heater.  Now, this isn’t quite as bad as it could be, because we have two hot water heaters.  The one for our bathroom was fine, so taking showers was no problem.  But the one for the kitchen and laundry room has not worked all week.  So the dishes just keep piling up in the kitchen.  Paul went to our local hardware/furniture store down the street, The Furniture Exchange, and bought a new hot water heater on Wednesday.  Today they delivered it to our door, complete with a cart to move it.  Paul moved it down into the basement, undid the old hot water heater, and started the process of hooking this one up.  He made some progress, and hopes to get the right tools to finish the job on Friday.  Because we are going to have four extra people in the house come Saturday night, it will be nice to have our hot water heater working by then!!
*Zoe called this afternoon because she was bored on her drive home from work.  It was nice visiting with her.  She has had a rough couple of days with a certain student at her school.  She will be driving up to Moscow on Saturday to join us for the football game, then will be home the following week for Thanksgiving, along with Molly, Travis and Cosette.
*Tonight Paul and I headed to the theater to have a meeting with the cast of the upcoming show Christmas at Sixth Street.  It should be a fun show.  I have some new students from Wallace Junior/Senior High school who are going to be in the show, and I am excited about that.  And some new adults involved as well.  Rehearsals begin the Monday after Thanksgiving.
*The cold/cough/sore throat still lingered for both Paul and I today.  Paul gets more of a sinus problem with colds than I ever do, and his has now moved into his sinuses.  One good thing for both of us, though, is we have both been able to get a good night’s sleep.

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