Gathering Graces 11/12/2017

*My cold was still hanging on when I woke up, so I stayed home from church to rest my voice. 
*I am enjoying getting to know Archie and learning how smart he is. Our dogs would always chase after an object if you threw it, but would not bring it back.   Archie chases the object, and brings it back...again and again and again.
*The hardiness of this rose in my backyard is amazing.  The photo above was taken this morning.  When I had posted an earlier photo of this about a week ago, a friend said it was mom sending me a reminder of her love.  I can go along with that assessment.
*It was a full house for our show this afternoon.  And they all sang along to the songs, and you could tell they really enjoyed the show.  Can anyone out there who reads this do me a favor?  If you think you want to come to the show, or you came and you liked it and think others might like it too, tell them to buy tickets for the Friday show.  We have not sold one ticket for Friday night’s performance.  Sunday’s ticket sales are good, but not one ticket has been sold for Friday.  So pass the word and encourage your friends and family (or yourself if you haven’t seen the show!!) to come and see Goin’ for the Gold, Settlin’ for the Silver.*
*We gathered around the table at Bill and Debbie’s house for a wonderful French-inspired chicken dish, chopped salad, rice and polenta, as we enjoyed one another’s company this week for family dinner.  We also spent some of our time planning our Thanksgiving meal.  It will be a wonderful time of coming together at our home as eleven of us gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing this Thanksgiving.

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