Gathering Graces 11/24/2017

*Today was just what I wanted it to be...very relaxed.
*Christmas card photos were on the agenda for today.  I grabbed my tripod, and set up the camera, and we sat in front of the fireplace with our college gear on, (we had one Warrior, one Yote and four Vandals), and took some photos.  We found one we liked, and I order some cards from Staples.  They are ready for pick up whenever I get to Coeur d’Alene next.
*Cosette went to lunch with a friend, then headed to watch the Coeur d’Alene Lighting festival.  Molly and Travis went to Post Falls to visit his grandparents.  Paul headed to Coeur d’ Alene to get his haircut.  Zoe and I had some very important  business to take care of here at home.  We played the Lego Harry Potter game on the Wii all afternoon.
*Christy came over to pack up some leftovers for her and Everett, and Zoe and I had a nice visit with her. 
*When everyone got back home, we watched the movie Lion.  What an incredible movie.  If you have Netflix, and haven’t watched it yet, it is on Netflix.  I highly recommend it.
*The night was topped off with a couple episodes of The Golden Girls, then off to bed. All in all, a really wonderful day.

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