Gatheing Graces 11/8/2017

*Today KHS students gathered in the gym to hear C.D. Breshears from GEAR UP Idaho talk to the students about following their dreams.  It was a great way to help celebrate College Access/College Application and College GEAR UP week.  It was a great message for the students to hear.
*Our final senior applied for college today, so now all of our seniors have applied.  Woo Hoo!!
*There is a lot going on this week that has left me mentally, emotionally and physically drained.  It was nice to relax on the couch, and Paul was wonderful and made a delicious dinner. 
*I got a nice surprise from my Secret Pal at work today.  I received a beautiful blown glass pumpkin decoration, a fall-themed candle, and some Lindor Truffles and Dove Chocolates.  The kind gesture made my day!!
*Looking at the picture I posted above of the KHS Class of 2018, I think about all the potential in each one of them.  I hope they find a passion and follow their dreams.  As a 54 year old woman, I am still trying to figure out my next dream.  What is my next passion?  And how can I go about following it?  You are never too old to dream.  It reminds me of the verse in the Bible, in Joel 2:28... "Then it will come about at a later time that I will pour out my Spirit on every person. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your elderly people will dream dreams, and your young people will see visions.” I want to dream Godly dreams, and follow that Godly path toward those dreams.  Ready....Set....Go!!!!

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