Gathering Graces 11/15/2017

*Helping seniors with their next step in the process of attending college was on my agenda today.  It was great, as always, but my throat did not like it that I had to talk all day.  Yes, the cough and cold of Fall 2017 continues........
*I have one parent who has three seniors living in her home.  She came in to get help with the FAFSA, and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be.  We got one of the student’s application’s completed, and she will work on the other two at home.
*Seniors are also starting to work on their Senior Project research papers, and one student stayed after school and had me read over her paper.  I found it very interesting and informative. 
*Upon my return home, Sadie and Archie and I headed to the backyard for some ball retrieving (well, for Archie anyway.  I am not sure Sadie still understands why Archie doesn’t just chase the ball, but he actually brings it back to have it thrown again.)
*Tonight Keri Alexander was the host of our P.E.O. meeting at her beautiful home in Big Creek.  I picked up Betty and Christy and headed down the road.  Betty and I laughed and shared with Christy the last time we drove to a P.E.O. meeting at Keri’s house and, on the way home, I was pulled over by a cop.  The reason...I kept driving over the yellow line.  The cause....telling Betty a story and talking with my hands. 
*Paul’s cold is about two days behind mine, so he was feeling pretty awful today.  I hope we both can sing for the final two performances this weekend.  Plus we head to Moscow on Saturday for the final Vandal football game and it is also Senior Day, where Cosette will be recognized as a senior member of the Vandal Marching Band. (And Saturday is Paul’s birthday, and it is no fun being sick on your birthday!!)

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Nita Jo said...

I'm not on FB this morning, so I'll comment here instead. I hope that cold goes soon, and Paul's too! Max has been battling one for days! His cough is still terrible. I thought I was coming down with it, but so far the rest of us are ok. Praying you'll both be in fine voice for your final performances this weekend! Love and Hugs! :)