Gathering Graces 11/25/2017

*I tackled a pile of bills first thing this morning, and worked on some financial things.  I sorted mail that I had piled in the drawer in the front entryway.  It felt good to get those things sorted.
*We bid adieu to Zoe this morning as she drove back to Caldwell, via Washington and Oregon.  She hasn’t been feeling good, but she ventured out anyway.  She texted when she arrived home, and when I asked her how she was feeling, she replied “Like I never want to make that drive by myself again.  Too boring.”  I am glad she made it safely home, despite the boring drive.
*Paul received some Amazon gift cards and money for his birthday last week, so we decided to use that money and purchase an Echo Dot.  This little machine is like a search engine that you can ask questions of, and “Alexa” will answer them.  She will tell you the weather, she will play songs, she will find the BSU Bronco football game and broadcast it for you. She will find and play the latest episode of Radiolab.  She will play any audiobook in my Audible library.  Those are just a few of the things Alexa did for us today. 
*Christina showed up this afternoon to see Archie and took him for a walk.  Around the same time, Christy showed up and we went over to Noah’s Loft at Silver Mountain to walk through their Craft Fair.  What a wonderful set up.  It was fun seeing Kaylene, Lee, Amy, Terri, Christina, and Jennifer, among many others, selling some of their crafts.  I found a cute little Christmas item and card.  I also bought some Elizabeth Park honey that Thad canned from his bee hives up in Elizabeth Park.  I love buying local honey!  It was a very nice event. 
*Today Silver Mountain was hosting Kellogg’s Christmas Lighting Festival.  The Sixth Street Melodrama was asked to provide some Christmas carols at the event tonight, so Paul, Cosette, Christina and I headed over to Silver Mountain, and were joined by Grant and Gordan Turner.  We sang for about 30 minutes as people watched the Christmas light parade and waited for Santa Claus to arrive.  It was lots of fun.  Later we watched the Fireworks display out of our living room window.
*When we got back home, it was time to bid adieu to the rest of the kids, as Travis, Molly and Cosette, along with the bunnies Dumblebunz and Booker packed up their stuff and headed back to Moscow tonight.  It was a wonderful week of being together, and I am looking forward to having everyone together again for Christmas.  As the girls get older and become more established in their own lives, these times together as a family become even more special.

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