Gathering Graces 11/3/2017

*Awwww Friday.  I so enjoyed getting to stay home most of the day and take life at a leisurely pace as I worked on some things.  I did have a few short errands I had to do in the early afternoon.  I left the house, and it was raining pretty good.  I got uptown, and it was snowing.  It hadn’t been snowing downtown.  By the time I made it back downtown, the snow had arrived there as well.
*Earlier in the day I had gone out in the backyard with our dog Sadie to take some photos of the yard in all her autumn splendor.  We have piles of leaves dotting the lawn, there were some roses still budding, some of the berries on our bushes were a lovely reddish-orange color, so I was able to capture this in photos.  And I got some cute photos of Sadie playing in the leaves, and a few of Clark, too. 
*After I returned from running my errands, the whole scene in the backyard changed.  So I grabbed the camera again, and Sadie, Clark and I headed out into the snow.  I am not sure Clark has ever really experienced snow, and he was not too impressed.  It will be interesting to see if he continues to stay out for shorter periods of time, or if he eventually embraces winter.  And by the way, I am not a snow naysayer.  I love and embrace the snow.  Yes, there are times I don’t enjoy having to drive in it, but I manage.
*I have been have some communication with a friend who also recently lost a loved one and is also experiencing grief.  This person shared how the tears flow quite often, and how they are tired and confused at times.  The part of grief that has been surprising me is my anger.  I find that little things just really get to me, that normally would not get to me.  I am easily annoyed by certain things.  I really don’t like feeling this way.  One thing I am trying to do is not reacting to the anger and annoyances that are happening.  But if it keeps up, I think I may call the Hospice grief counselor again and talk to her.  We get their services for a year, and hopefully talking to someone and getting some perspective on what I am experiencing will help me deal with the anger I am feeling.
*It was opening night at the Sixth Street Theater.  We had a lively crowd that seemed to really enjoy the show.  I know all of us on stage had a great time.  During the month of November I like to post on Facebook each day what I am thankful for, and I realized today how thankful I am for the wonderful group of people I am performing with each night.  Yes, they are all very talented, but what I enjoy the most about each of them is how loving and kind they all are, and what a warm feeling we have performing together on stage.  Casts like that are very special to be a part of when working in the theater.
*Well, it is 9:45 p.m. We drive into Kellogg after the show, and we know Yokes is open for about 15 more minutes, so we pull into the parking lot and go in to decide what we are having for dinner that night.  It was “Fresh Friday” so we picked up a few of those bargains, and bought a couple of delicious steaks that were on sale, some shrimp and a couple of cucumbers.  As we were leaving Yokes we ran into a former student.  We stood out in the parking lot for about 20 minutes or so while this student told us about their life since graduating from high school, which included, as they put it, a plunge into hell through drug addition, then recovering through a rehab program.  It was heart wrenching to hear this story, but there is also hope for this person as they continue their journey to keep clean and move forward with their life.
*So we made it back home, and Paul fired up the gas grill and he prepared a really delicious steak and shrimp dinner on the grill, I cut up the cucumbers and dipped them in blue cheese dressing, and we had a great meal, despite the odd time we happen to be dining. Thank goodness we get to sleep in tomorrow.

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