Gathering Graces 11/10/2017

*Nikki and I walked every morning this week!!  Woo Hoo!  It seems like for one reason or another we miss at least one day...but not this week.
*Christy and Debbie picked me up around 8:30 a.m. and we all drove to Coeur d’Alene for a morning of breakfast, shopping and running errands.  We ate breakfast at Michael D’s, ran some errands, and ended up at Shopko where I did a little shopping.  It was a fun morning with both of them.
*I woke up a little more congested than I had been all week.  So when I got home I rested to get ready for tonight’s show.
*The cast had all been hit with colds with a vengeance.  We were all coughing and sucking on cough drops and drinking lots of water and hot tea throughout tonight’s performance.
*I enjoyed having Connie and her mom in the audience tonight, and well as Christina and some of her family.  Chris also attended with her husband and mom.  And Joni was glad to see Larry Legger make an appearance during tonight’s performance.  It is always nice to have friendly faces in the audience.
*On the way home, Paul and I stopped at Yokes to get some dinner.  We made a great choice.  We often don’t gravitate to the frozen food section, but we did tonight, and purchased some pot-stickersthe and vegetable fried rice that we prepared for dinner.  It was perfect!! 
*We finished the evening eating and watching the first show of the semi-finals of The Big Family Cooking Showdown.  My big question after watching this show is, “Why didn’t we, as Americans, adopt the French word aubergine to name the purple oblong vegetable, instead of what we call it, eggplant?”  I think I may just start calling them aubergines in my kitchen.  It sounds so much classier.
*And as a bonus, I found they have the recipes online that these families prepared during this season of competition.  If you want to check out the recipes you can go here.

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