Gathering Graces 11/14/2017

*I needed a good laugh tonight.  Something light and easy to watch on TV to lighten my mood.  I found the perfect show....The Golden Girls.  I laughed throughout the evening watching six or seven episodes. 
*Two senior girls were hanging out in my office at the end of the day, and they made my day saying they thought I was in my thirties.  They couldn’t believe I was actually 54!!
*At the end of the school day, I came home, and was ready to be in for the night.  I have things going on the next few evenings, so it was nice to enjoy a quiet night at home.  I started a fire, and enjoyed a cozy night at home.  Paul has a meeting tonight, so it was just me, Archie, Sadie, Toby, Benjamin and Clark hanging out together.
*Paul and I enjoyed hearing about how each of the kid’s days went tonight.  There was some lively conversation going on.  I think we are all ready for a break and to be together next week. Some relaxing down time sounds really good to me.

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