Gathering Graces 11/19/2017

*It was a slow and leisurely morning at our house today.  I made a big pot of coffee that was enjoyed by many.  At one point I cut up some ham and mini peppers and sauteed them in a pan, then cracked some eggs and added a little half and half and whisked them together, and added them to the pan.  Once the eggs were done I added what remained of some Garden Vegetable cream cheese, and let the cheese melt.  I toasted some Dave’s Killer Bread, and we had breakfast for Bill, Debbie, Paul and myself.
*It was very frosting this morning when I first took Archie outside.  But then it warmed up a bit later, and Zoe helped me cover my roses with burlap.  I still need to secure them a little better, but we made progress!
*Paul and I picked up Drake and Jesaray and headed to the theater for our last performance of Goin’ for the Gold, Settlin’ for the Silver.  We had a packed house for the final performance, and it was a great crowd.  Molly, Travis, Zoe and Cosette were all able to come to the show.  After we cleaned up theater, the cast gathered at The Pizza Factory for pizza and drinks and some nice conversation.
*Before Paul and I got home, we stopped at Bill and Debbie’s house to look in their garage and check out the cabinets that had been removed from their kitchen, to see if we wanted all of them brought over to our house the following morning.  Once Paul, Travis, Zoe and I perused the different cabinets, it was determined we would have all of them delivered to our house tomorrow morning, along with a couch and love seat.  They will be stored in our garage until we determine where they will all be located in our home. (The old cabinets will be put either in our garage or our storage area in our house to help with organization).
*We arrived home to Molly, Travis, Zoe and Cosette playing a lively game of Go To The Head of the Class
*Bill and Debbie had gone uptown to socialize at The Inland Lounge, and arrived back around 8 or so.  They joined us in the living room to help answer the questions of the lively game being played.
*It was an early night for all of us.  Paul continues to feel awful, and wonders if he has pneumonia.  He hopes to get in to see the doctor tomorrow. Continue to keep him in your prayers.  Cosette and I stayed up a little later than everyone else and had a good talk about her plans for after graduation.

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