Gathering Graces 11/11/2017

*I woke up still stuffy, with a sore throat and coughing.  I laid around a lot.  It was a pretty relaxing day.
*Later in the morning, my friend Tina dropped off our new house guest.  Tina has relocated to Seattle and needs someone to care for her dog.  So we said he could live with us for a while.  So in addition to Sadie the Pomeranian, the three cats Toby, Benjamin and Clark, we now have Archie the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Meet Archie...the Catahoula Leopard Dog
*When Archie arrived he expended a lot of energy in the backyard.  Paul took him on some runs.  He treed poor Clark up in a tree.  He didn’t really mess much with Toby and Benjamin inside.  Sadie established early on that she was the Alpha dog.  It will be interesting watching how things shake out.  Having Archie around will add a whole new dimension to our household.  I think Paul is going to enjoy a dog he can run with!!
*I finished watching the semi-finals and final of The Big Family Cooking Showdown.  I was pleased with the final winner. 
*Napping was part of my afternoon agenda a couple different times today.  This cold is really knocking me down a bit.  It helped, because by the time I got to the theater, I felt much better.
*We had a great crowd tonight, and again it was fun to have some friendly faces in the crowd.  Thanks for coming Dawn Arnhold McLees, Holly Fink, Amy Holland-Arnhold (again!!), Class of ‘81 classmate Jeff Meyer, and everyone else who made the evening fun.  I am so glad people are enjoying the show!!
*We arrived home and Archie survived our absence. 
*Clark is a bit traumatized by the new addition, so there is going to be a little more work needed in building this relationship than in the other three pets.  But Clark just needs to show Archie who is boss, and all will be fine.  He just needs to have a little conversation with Archie like this....

Clark needs to have this conversation with Archie.

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