Gathering Graces 11/22/2017

*I had one thing I wanted to get done today in preparation for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner, and that was prepare a pecan pie.  Mission accomplished.
*Bill spent a while in the kitchen this morning preparing the dressing for tomorrow’s feast.  The smells wafting from the kitchen were delicious, including fresh made cornbread and sausage and sauteed vegetables.

*Later Travis took over the kitchen, as he prepared one of the desserts that will be served.
*For breakfast, I served Carol’s Potato Dish, a recipe I created myself, that was enjoyed by Paul, Debbie, Bill and myself.  Before Bill and Debbie could sit down and eat, their contractor Shawn came over to our house to talk to them about some things.  It was nice to meet Shawn.  Bill and Debbie have been very happy working with him on this home renovation project.
*Paul is feeling better today.  He still took a good nap this afternoon, but when he was up, he was not as stuffy or head-achy, and had more energy today.
*The night before, Zoe did not feel good, and still was feeling a bit queasy throughout the day today.  But she rallied later in the afternoon, and brought up a book to read us trivia questions about many different subjects.  I like being asked questions that show I can still retrieve information from the dark recesses of my brain that have not been tapped for a while.
*Molly and Cosette headed for Spokane International Airport later in the afternoon to pick up their cousin Patrick at the airport who was flying in from Portland to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with us in Kellogg  They all arrived around 7 p.m., and we had made a dinner of baked tilapia, rice and salad.
*After dinner, Bill, Debbie and Patrick departed our home, and were able to sleep at their own home tonight, because the heat was back on, and the fumes from the varnishing of the floors was gone.
*It was early to bed for our crew.  I had gone downstairs to get a couple DVDs to watch in the bedroom, and as I sat in the living room waiting for my computer to shut down, I nodded off in the living chair.  All of a sudden I hear Coco asking my why I wasn’t going to bed.  (Plus she had to take a photo of me asleep in the chair and sent it to her sisters and friend Sidnee.)
*We made a great discovery with Archie today.  He loves those dog treats called cow hooves.  I found a couple in the bottom of Sadie’s dog toy box, and Archie grabbed onto one, and got up on the love seat and started chewing away.  Also, Archie and Clark are getting along better.  Here they are actually sitting on the same piece of furniture today.  That is a miracle in itself.

Archie and Clark.

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