Gathering Graces 5/6/2018

*The day started out beautiful.  Blue skies...sunshine.  But my weather app kept telling me rain and thunderstorms were on the way.  The clouds started covering the blue sky throughout the afternoon.  Then around 5:30 or so, the sky was dark, the wind came, and so did the rain, thunder and lightening!!
*When the weather was still nice in the afternoon, I decided it was time to move some of my houseplants out onto the deck.  They do so much better outside, and I love having them out there during the summer months.
*Tim Arnold shared a wonderful message at church this morning.  He really shared from his heart, and it was very powerful.
*After a two week absence, we resumed family dinners tonight at our house.  I stopped at Stein’s on the way home and bought a large bag of petite sirloin steaks.  When I got home, I cut up about five of them, and put them in a marinade and put them in the refrigerator.  Later I cut up some red peppers, onions and mushroom.  I put all of these items on skewers, and Paul grilled them for our dinner.  I also made a Greek salad again tonight, since I loved it so much last night.  The dinner was wonderful!!  It was nice having all six of us gathered around the table to visit, and share about a variety of things.
*I hadn’t worked on my knitting project in a while so I grabbed my project and watched an episode of Midsomer Murders.  This had an interesting plot where someone was killing off the bell ringers of a certain church in Midsomer.  Yikes!!

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