Gathering Graces 5/17/2018

*What a great week we have had for walking in the morning.  On Sunday, I received the new Fitbit Versa for Mother’s Day.  I have been playing around with it this week.  I now can receive notifications on this device when I get emails, texts and phone calls.  It tells me when I need to move a little more to get the 250 steps each hour that they recommend.  I always know what my heart rate is, how many total steps I have taken throughout the day, how many flights of stairs I have climbed, and the time and date.  There are features that can be used by pairing Bluetooth headphones.  These arrived today.  I spent some time trying to sync a music program so I can listen to music from my fitbit.  It didn’t quite work.  I shall work on it more at a later time.  But I am loving this new device.  I have accomplished my goal so far this month of of getting to at least 10,000 steps each day.
*My weight loss journey continues to be successful.  Thursday is weigh in day, and, since March 1, I have lost 27 pounds and 30 inches.  And it sure helps when people encourage you and tell you how good you look.  But what I like that I am hearing isn’t just about the loss of weight and inches, but people say I look healthier.  That, to me, is much more important.  Because that is what I want to be.  More healthy. 
*I got a Composition Notebook to write out information about my outside gardens to keep me more organized this summer.  I wrote down what seeds I have planted and when.  I wrote down what kind of tomato plants I have purchased, and the ingredients I need to plant them.  I need to pick up a few more items when we go to CDA tomorrow. 
*Our blender quit working, so Macys had a great deal on a new blender, so I ordered a new one, along with some new walking shoes.  I tried out the new blender  by making some “bulletproof coffee”.  My recipe calls for a scoop of MCT Oil Powder, 2 Tbls. Heavy Whipping Cream, 1 Tbls. Kerrygold butter, 1 tsp. dark cocoa powder, and 16 ounces hot coffee.  It is all blended together until it is nice and frothy.  It is very delicious.

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