Gathering Graces 5/16/2018

*Today I spent my last time in class with the KHS seniors.  It was fun talking to each of them, making sure I knew what their future plans were, and making sure they have done everything needed to make their transition to college, and/or the work force a reality, and not have too many bumps between now and when they begin.  We have 78 students on track to graduate from Kellogg High School this year.  Of those 78, 61 have applied for and are planning on attending college.  Of that 61, they will be attending North Idaho College, University of Idaho, Boise State University, Lewis Clark State College, Northwest Nazarene University, Spokane Falls Community College, Clark Community College, University of Montana: Western,  Dakota College at Bottineau, Eastern Washington University, Trinity International University,  the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy.  We have a few planning on going into the Military.  One student is joining the Job Corps.  One student will be starting his third year of his Electrician’s program.  One is starting a management program through a local business.  One student is joining his family business.  Other’s are going take a year off before they attend college.  Some are going right into the workforce.  I am so proud of each and every one of these students!!  Congratulations Class of 2018!!!
*I was really tired when I got home from work today, so I took a nap.  Then I sobbed my way through a few episodes of Call the Midwife.  It is such a good show!!
*After picking up Betty, Christy and Dawn, we drove up the river to Sally Nordstrom’s house for our P.E.O. meeting.  She has a beautiful home, and it is always so wonderful to attend a meeting there at this time of year. 

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