Gathering Graces 5/2/2018

*Today I was in Government classes with seniors, wrapping up some things, and making sure they all are working on any extra paperwork they need to take care of regarding their financial aid for college.  One month from today, these students will be graduating.
*At lunch I made a quick trip home to grab something to eat.  The sun felt so good, it was hard to go back to school!
*We had our P.E.O. meeting at Carolyn Gibbs’ house tonight.  I always enjoy the drive out there, winding around Rose Lake in the early evening.  It was beautiful tonight.  We had a good meeting, and I shared a program about “Our Inner Garden”, and how we need to take time each day to be quiet, and reflective, and sow positive seeds in our life.
*When I dropped Christy off at her house, I went in to see the progress they are making on the remodeling of her home.  It is a much more open and airy space right now.  Progress is coming along.
*Now that it is May, I have made a new commitment to getting my 10,000 steps each day.  I was a few thousand steps short before bed, so I grabbed the book I am reading, and walked around the bedroom, walked in place and read until I reached 10,000 steps.

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