Gathering Graces 5/20/2018

*Another productive day in the backyard.  Paul went to ACE Hardware and bought some bags of potting soil, so I could finish my bathtub projects.  In one bathtub I planted gladiolus bulbs, dahlia bulbs, and dahlia plants.  In the other bathtub, I planted a shade garden, which contains two kinds of grasses, coleus and impatiens.

Shade garden

Glads and dahlias
*Then I started filling different containers with annuals.  I had a geranium still to plant, lots of petunias, marigolds, zinnias, lobelia, alyssum and a bit of salvia.  I also had two mini roses that needed put in bigger pots.  All in all, I think I have filled about 30 containers around the yard.  What wonderful therapy, having hands in the dirt and making things beautiful!
*Paul grilled some lamb chops and romaine lettuce for dinner.  Then it was time to head up to Wallace for my film shoot.  For the next five hours we filmed scenes centered around zombies from “the Clockworld” coming through the rock wall on Bank Street in Wallace to attack. 

Watch out for the zombies!!!

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