Gathering Graces 4/30/2018

*I have my Gear Up final review at work tomorrow, so I spent some time today getting ready for that meeting.
*Seniors are giving their Senior Project presentations on Friday, so things are all abuzz as they prepare for Friday.
*Yoke’s was a stop I needed to make on the way home.  Walking into the store, I ran into my friend April #3, April Muhs.  Boy did she give me a boost of encouragement today.  She asked how my new way of eating was going, and noticed how my looks were changing, and told me I was looking good!!  I have to say I felt really good after visiting with April.
*We were getting low on fresh vegetables at the house, and I was getting sick of making salad with the mixed spring greens.  So I bought some leaf lettuce to mix things up a bit.  I also bought some zucchini, Brussels sprouts, celery, and radishes.  I saw a recipe for slicing radishes thin and roasting them in the oven, and they come out crisp like potato chips.  I am going to try it and see what they taste like.
*While dinner was cooking, Paul and I walked around the yard, and did a little weeding here and there and enjoyed the beautiful evening.  I was a bit concerned if the hydrangea bush I planted last fall was going to make it.  But I checked it out this afternoon, and there are some little leaves sprouting out, so I think there is hope.  I fertilized it, and hope it takes off and continues to grow.
*What a beautiful spring this is turning out to be.  And I love the fact that my life has slowed down a bit, and I can actually be outside in the evenings to enjoy the weather, and check on my yard, and watch it change and grow.

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