Gathering Graces 5/24/2018

*Today was a busy, busy day at KHS.  I have been doing a lot of last minutes things with students, mostly regarding their financial aid at their colleges.  It was just go, go, go all day long.
*I ordered a “bean tower” to put in one of my raised beds to grow my pole beans this year.  It arrived late yesterday, and Paul and I put it together and I got my beans planted.  I can’t wait until they start growing up the tower.

Bean Tower
*This evening Paul and I went up to the high school to watch the spring Choir Concert.  It was a wonderful evening of singing, and Joy Persoon always does a marvelous job putting on a concert.  I want to thank Angelique Teranova for inviting us to come, and also enjoyed the performances of Anika Sundstrom, Grant Ray Turner, Drake Duce, Kelsi Steeler, Beth Langer and many others.

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