Gathering Graces 5/23/2018

*One more thing checked of my list as I wind down my time as a Gear Up Site Coordinator.  Today was the Scholarship Award’s Ceremony at Kellogg High School.  It is one of my favorite assemblies, as students receive scholarship money from generous local donors to help them pursue their dream and goal of getting a higher education.  I was MC for the ceremony, and what a pleasure it was to watch the students awarded their scholarships.  The State of Idaho alone are giving students going to Idaho colleges or university close to $149,000 just for the first year through students receiving the Gear Up scholarship and about 14 receiving the Opportunity scholarship.  I will be completing the list of scholarship winners tomorrow so we have a final tally of how much money students received.
*We had some guests for dinner tonight.  Cosette and Taylor drove to Coeur d’Alene during the day to meet her best friend Sidnee Grubb and her boyfriend Ben for lunch and some bowling.  Then all four of them came to Kellogg to join us for dinner.  We enjoyed giving them a tour of the yard, and Cosette gave a house tour.  As dinner was being prepared, Cosette drove them around Kellogg to give a quick tour.  When they got back home, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of grilled London broil, grilled vegetables and a Greek green salad, and some watermelon.  It was delicious.  The only part of the evening that I had some regret about was not taking any pictures with our wonderful guests.  Sidnee just graduated from Gonzaga University, and Ben and her will be moving to Portland soon.  Sidnee has a job at a publishing house where she worked as an intern.  We wish them the best of luck!!
*I didn’t get my walk in this morning, so I spent some time walking around the backyard to get my 10,000 steps in for the day.  If I walk around my backyard once it is bout 250 steps. I had about 4,000 steps to get in, so that meant about 16 times around the backyard.  There was a TED Talk I have been wanting to listen to by Brene Brown titled The Power of Vulnerability.  This talk was recommended  by Carl Medearis, the author of 42 Seconds: The Jesus Model For Everyday Interactions, as something good to listen to regarding “avoiding the trap of trying to be too cool, and owning who we really are”.  Paul and I have been using this book for our morning devotion time.  In fact, we have gone through it once, and loved it so much, we are going to go through it again, and dig a little deeper into some of the things it says.  If you want to listen to a wonderful talk about vulnerability, you can listen here.  Apparently this is the fourth-most-watched TED talk of all time.
*Molly shared with us last night about taking her bunnies Booker and Bunz to West Park Elementary where she works.  It sounded like they were a big hit!!  Bunz was a little more friendly than Booker, but she shared some very cute photographs of the students with the bunnies.  Soon the bunnies will be coming to stay with us as Molly and Travis transition to their lives in the Post Falls area for the summer as Travis will manage the Fun Unlimited business, and Molly will take summer classes.  It will be fun to have the bunnies back in our home.

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