Gathering Graces 5/1/2018

*Happy May!!  As we venture into the fifth month of the year, the words to the song from the musical Camelot are singing in my ears....”It’s May, it’s May....the lusty month of May.”  If you have never heard this song, click here and see Vanessa Redgrave’s marvelous version in the movie Camelot.
*There was a bit of a medieval theme to my day today, as my daughter Molly posted a rather humorous photo of her bunny Dumblebunz, looking like the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  We had a fun exchange of movie quotes.  What do you think.....does this look like a Killer Rabbit to you?  Run Away!! Run Away!!
Run Away!!  Run Away!!
*I had my final review for the Gear Up program this afternoon.  Patty Alonzo from Boise came up and we talked for a bit, then I gave her a tour of Kellogg High School.  I always love when people come to KHS for the first time, and are blown away by the beauty of, not only the school and the location, but the Silver Valley as well.  I love living here, and I love it when people think it is a beautiful place, too.
*In the early evening, the rain started coming down, despite the fact the sun was shining.  Paul called to me to let me know there was a rainbow in the sky.  It was beautiful.

Paul and tonight's rainbow.
*As the rain let up, Paul continued to work out in the yard, and created the beginnings of our Narnia garden, complete with the  solar powered lamp post, the Aslan fountain, and Aslan’s face hanging in the tree.  He also added a split stone table.  All these parts of the garden come from a book written by C.S. Lewis titled The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  If you have never read this book, I suggest you find a copy and read it soon.

The Narnia Garden tonight.

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