Gathering Graces 5/21/2018

*Bill, Christy and I posted one of three sibling assignments today.  For this particular set of assignments, I was the total slacker in not getting them completed.  Hopefully this will all change soon, as I start focusing more on writing, and I can get the assignment written in a more timely manner.
*It was a wonderful evening outside.  I walked around the yard, enjoying all the color from the pots I planted over the weekend.  And I did a little weeding in my raised beds.  I still have some pole beans, summer squash and cucumbers to plant.  But I ordered some items that the beans and cucumbers can climb up, and one is scheduled to arrive this week, and one next week.  So I want to wait and plant those seeds.  Except I do have a lot of volunteer summer squash coming up in the tires I planted with salad greens this year.  I may have to dig them up, put them in little pots, and see if I can give them away.
*My heart breaks for my school community.  Things are in turmoil, and I particularly feel saddened for the students, who are the most effected by what is happening.  I love working at KHS, and love the students I work with, and want the best for them.  I also think we have a wonderful staff who really do care about the students.  But that is my story.  And we all have our own stories, and we need to listen to one another’s stories.  And if the sharing of these stories helps our students, school and community become better, than so be it.  But as you read and listen to one another’s stories, read and listen through eyes of kindness.

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