Gathering Graces 5/4/2018

*Today I had the privilege of listening to nine senior project presentations on a variety of subjects.   These included Basketball Coaching, The Armed Forces, Body Modification, Lineman, Physical Therapist, Journeyman Electrician, Nursing, Chiropractor, and Suicide Prevention.  Each student who presented for my group did an awesome job!!  Some it made them realize what career they wanted to pursue.  Some it made them realize they did not want to pursue a specific career.  One student raised money for our local S.A.V.E. coalition in the hopes of spreading information about Suicide Prevention.  I had a group of judges on my panel, including Stephen Shepperd, Eric Wickham and Nicole Young.  We also had a group of juniors in the room that were a very good audience.  I am so proud of these students!!
*After Paul and I were done at school, we headed for Coeur d’Alene to do some shopping.  I am so glad I didn’t go on Thursday, and waited for him to go with me.  It was much more enjoyable!!  We started our shopping excursion at The Dollar Store.  Then we headed up the road to Fred Meyer.  I wanted to buy an orange t-shirt for my interview, and so I knew Michael’s always had a variety of different colored t-shirts.  What are the chances that EVERY SINGLE ADULT SIZE ORANGE T-SHIRT was gone!  Every box with orange shirts in it was  empty.  I picked up a few other items, then we stopped at Home Depot where I bought a lamp, and picked up some paint samples. (We are painting the outside of our house this summer.)  Then we ended our day at Costco. (Paul spotted an orange shirt for me at Costco!!) There were only two items we did not find, but I think we can find both of them locally.
*Paul grilled some hamburgers, and we sat outside under the arbor and enjoyed our dinner and the mild evening, and had a great conversation about some things coming up in our lives.

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