Gathering Graces 5/29/2018

*The day began with a bit of carnage in our backyard.  Yes, Clark, the mighty hunter, arrived on the back porch area with a freshly caught bird in his mouth.  Ugh! 
*A wonderfully full day today, working with some seniors as they finish their last couple days of school.
*Kellee Crall Mills and I had a long overdue lunch and visiting session catching up at Radio Brewing this afternoon.  Their Snow Crab Cobb Salad was delicious!!
*When I arrived home, a couple of packages had arrived, so we had some more items to add to the garden.  First is the St. Francis of Assisi statue.

*And we got covers for the butterfly chairs.  I don’t remember life without these chairs.  The frame is made with rod iron, I think, and they were a part of my parent’s backyard for as long as I can remember.  I said I would take them, and I found some covers to purchase, and now we have a bright, colorful fun new addition to our backyard.

*Tonight the KHS Drama Department presented “The Roaring Twenties” on the KHS stage.  It was a fun night of songs, dramatic presentations and improv comedy.  It was a really great time!!

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