Gathering Graces 3/25/2017

*Our dog Sadie has been coughing throughout the week, so she visited Dr. Cook at the vet’s office today.  She may have an upper respiratory infection, so was put on antibiotics.  Here is hoping it clears things up.
*None of our daughters took Driver’s Education (even though their father teaches it), and all got their driver’s license after they turned 18.  Zoe was the final hold out.  She got her license last summer at the age of 21.  And it was more out of necessity because of her job.  Despite the fact she was my final holdout on getting her license, she is our first daughter to purchase her own car.  And, with Zoe, it was a wonderful community effort, of taking a “village” of loving people she is surrounded with helping her through the process.  First her adopted grandpa Phil lent her money to buy a car, which she will pay back in monthly payments.  Aunt Laurie sat down and figured out her monthly budget with her, so she knew how much she could afford to spend.  Uncle David took her out to purchase the car.  And Grandma and Grandpa pitched in with some help at the end of the process.  So Zoe is now the proud owner of a 2004 Acura TSX.  And her maiden voyage will be driving up here tomorrow for her spring break. 
*Paul and I watched Gonzaga beat Xavier in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament this afternoon.  What a fun game to watch.  I got a little teary at the end as the Zags made it to the Final Four, an achievement they had never been able to reach until today.  But to me the story that stood out as well was a short interview after the game with two of the Zag’s players, Nigel Williams-Goss and Johnathan Williams.  Both have similar stories, in that they played at other schools their freshmen and sophomore years, transferred to Gonzaga, had a redshirt year last year with no play time, and both played for Gonzaga this year as two of their standouts.  I loved as they shared, showing that taking a year, becoming a stronger and better player, and having patience really paid off for both players personally, and the Gonzaga team.    In a world of instant gratification, and wanting things done right now, it was nice to see examples of two young men who were willing to wait.
*Christy used one of the recipes in the Blue Bloods Cookbook, and prepared Pot Roast for us for dinner tonight.  A nice comforting meal on a cool spring evening.  As we ate dinner, we rejoiced as we watched the Oregon Ducks defeat the Kansas Jayhawks.  We are all proud of the two teams from the West, making it to the Final Four!!!

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