Gathering Graces 3/8/2017

*Yes, the snow continues to fall.
*It was nice being back at KHS today after being gone for two days to my meetings. I got caught up on things, and got some other things done!!
*On Wednesdays we have an early release day so the teachers and staff and collaborate in different ways.  Today we had a full staff meeting, and I love hearing other teachers share about the things they are doing to become better teachers, to help their fellow teachers, and to ultimately help their students, because that is what it is all about!!  As our principal shared at one point, “we do these things (helping the students) because it is the right thing to do!!”
*In my P.E.O. Chapter, I am an officer, and I have a state report that needed to be mailed in.  So I met with a couple of the other officers after school so we made sure all our information was correct, and got the report in the mail, two days ahead of schedule.  Woo Hoo!!
*I got home later than expected so I was unable to prepare what I had wanted for dinner.  So I decided it was a nice night for Mom and I to enjoy some Chinese food from Wah Hing.  So I picked up the phone and ordered an order of Chicken Chow Mein and Hong Kong Lo Mein and some Egg Drop Soup.  It hit the spot, and Paul was glad to see it when he got home from Driver’s Ed as well.
*I have been hearing so much about how good the show  This Is Us is that I watched the first episode tonight.  After watching it, I plan on watching it again with Paul, and have this a show we watch together.


Nita Jo said...

I am enjoying your posts so much! You really had a busy day. I know you're really going to enjoy This is Us! Such a well-written drama. Have the Kleenex handy though, because there are moments of tears, but also of laughter!

Carol Roberts said...

Yes, all I hear about This is Us is that it makes people cry, but cry in a good way. I can't wait to continue watching!! I'm glad you enjoy the posts. It has been a very good, manageable daily writing exercise for me to do. So far it works for me!! Love you my friend!!