Gathering Graces 3/22/2017

*Prayer is the breath of life to our soul. ~Mother Teresa.  I enjoy spending the first part of my morning in prayer, breathing life into my soul.
*This morning began going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  I had the privilege of being the first patient of the last day of work for Judy Lewis , who retires from 40 plus years of being a Dental Hygienist.  She has cleaned my teeth for over 15 years.  I wish her well as she enjoys her retirement!
*Dr. Byrd came and checked my teeth.  I knew I had to have another crown put on, which I got scheduled.  I also have a couple other teeth that are cracking, and need some help.  The joys of having a mouth full of silver fillings!!  I had a brief but wonderful conversation with Dr. Byrd about his parents time in Israel, and them taking video footage while staying in Bethlehem for five months for an online Bible Study they write.  I look forward to finding the Bible Study online.

*I enjoyed having a conversation with one of the seniors about their senior project, and how they can make it better, and make good use of their time. 
*Isn’t it odd that it can be 40 degrees and raining outside, and it doesn’t seem that cold?  That is what moving from winter into spring can be like here in Kellogg, Idaho!
*A few weeks ago, Mom had asked me to buy some fish for her at the store.  I had nabbed the fish this morning out of Mom’s freezer and told her we were having fish that night for dinner.  It was a nice change to have a piece of simple white fish baked in butter and lemon.  A few weeks ago I had purchased some Pink Himalayan salt, and sprinkled that on the fish to try it out.  It tasted really good.
*I spent some time this evening before heading to bed looking at and choosing skits for the kids in my Drama program to start practicing.  I found some pretty funny ones, and look forward to seeing them act them out tomorrow.

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