Gathering Graces 3/7/2017

*Guess what the weather was like today?  You guessed it.....SNOW!!
*I drove to Coeur d’Alene again today to finish up my Gear Up meetings.  Had a couple of good days of meetings, and lots of things up in the air for the future with Gear Up.
*Had my second day of the Drama program today.  It was fun seeing some of the kids again, and meeting new ones.  Today we talked about how having a good voice can help create a good character, and we did some Tongue Twisters!!
*After Drama I went to Our Savior Lutheran Church and hung out in the parking lot listening to the Cantata soundtrack as I waited for people to arrive for practice, then attended practice.  I listened to the soundtrack going to and from Coeur d’Alene these last two days, and love the words and music.  Very inspiring.
*After practice I drove home in the “blizzard” and continue to watch the snow fall.

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