Gathering Graces 3/2/2017

*Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!! 
*Today was a celebration of Dr. Suess, and for me it was celebrated by reading the Dr. Suess book Oh The Places You’ll Go to Paul’s 5th hour Technical Drama class.  I covered his class for him so he could do a special Dr. Suess day project.  These students also let me experiment with them on some drama activities I would be doing with the students at Pinehurst Elementary later in the day.
*While I covered his class, Paul went down to my friend Tammi J Flores’s preschool class at Kellogg Middle School and wore his Cat in the Hat hat, and read to the preschool students, and some sixth grade students in Angie Colburn’s class.  Here are some photos from the afternoon reading time.  (Thank you Carolyn Wozny for the photos.)  When we were talking about his time with the preschool students, Paul said, “I realized at one point that the preschool student really thought I was The Cat in the Hat.”  He has gone and read to the preschool students for many years, and always enjoys it.

*I grabbed the red and white striped hat at the end of my school day and headed to Pinehurst Elementary to begin my new Drama Program with the students in the after school program.  Celebrating Dr. Suess was in high gear at this school, too, as students got to have a Pajama Day today as part of the celebration.  As I was preparing for this program, I was a bit apprehensive because I had not worked with elementary-aged students for a long time (probably since Coco was in grade school!!).  But I absolutely loved it.  They shared with me their names and some of their favorite things, we learned about Isolations, and I taught them a new game, “Zip, Zap, Zop”.  All in all, there was probably around 45 kindergarten through fifth graders there today.  I can’t wait for next Tuesday!!
*WILDCATS WIN!!!  The Boys Basketball team defeated the top ranked Shelley Russets in the first game of the Idaho State Boys Basketball Tournament!! What an exciting game to listen to!!  They play Snake River tonight at 7 pm PST.  Good luck boys!!

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