Gathering Graces 3/19/2017

Chicken and Dumplings
*It was nice to be back in church this week after missing last week because of not feeling well.   I also got a chance to wish Marie Carver a Happy Birthday.  Marie turned 90 years old!!  (She doesn’t look a day over 80).  In his sermon, Pastor Dave challenged us this week to pray about what assumptions we make about ourselves, and why those assumptions cause us not to share our faith with others.  I have been pondering this question all afternoon.
*It was a beautiful day today, and the snow is almost gone in our yard.  Paul went outside and did some yard work, and got the patio table and chairs set up.  The sunshine was so nice.
*I spent some time today working on a presentation about our P.E.O. group that we are going to share on Tuesday with the KHS Junior girls as we host a lunch for them at KHS, and share with them some college and scholarship opportunities.
*I had made some chicken broth after I had roasted a chicken last week, and there was lots of leftover chicken still on the bone, so I originally thought I would make soup, but then I thought Chicken and Dumplings sounded really good.  I think I made them before, but I had forgotten how easy they were.  I made them in my cast iron dutch oven, and, once done, took the pot over to Mom’s for dinner.  She loved it!!  My dumplings did take a little longer to cook than the recipe called for, but once done, they were yummy!!  If you want to try the Martha Stewart recipe I prepared you can find it here.  Another change I made was, I did not have green beans, but I did have some asparagus in the crisper, so I added asparagus instead of green beans, and it tasted really good.
*As I worked on some projects, I transported back to the big white tent and continued watching The Great British Baking Show.
*Molly, Cosette, Travis and Summer arrived in Kellogg at about 7 p.m. on their way back from Salt Lake City.  Summer dropped them off here, and they loaded up our car with their items, plus got their bunny Dumblebunz, and Paul drove them to Post Falls where Molly had left their car, and they made it back safe and sound to Moscow later that evening. They were really tired, but had a wonderful time at FanX17.


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