Gathering Graces 3/9/2017

*I got a text from Molly this morning, and the Moscow Schools had a snow day.  I am beginning to feel like my friend Donna Pelham Stone, who recently quoted on a Facebook post from the book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, “ I'm beginning to feel like I'm in Narnia where it's always winter but never Christmas.”
*I returned back to Pinehurst Elementary for more Drama Program.  Today our focus was on Stage Directions, and learning where the areas of the stage are, and what they are called.  I am having so much fun working with these students.  What a wonderful opportunity for the children in our school district to have PASS, (Pinehurst After School Solutions).
*The television show This is Us is an obvious favorite of many of my friends.  I sat down with Paul tonight and rewatched the first episode again.  He liked it, as I thought he would.  I think the highlight of this episode was the performance by Gerald McRaney as the obstetrician who delivers the babies.  He was perfect for that role.
*It was nice to get back up to the high school this morning for my morning walk with Nikki Ross.  We had taken a few days off because I was out of town.  We are both hoping the weather will be good enough to start walking outside again.
*I really enjoy that Paul and I work in the same building.  Some days he just pops in at break, or at lunch, or during his prep hour to talk about something or just to wave and say hello.  We are very blessed to be able to work together.

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