Gathering Graces 3/10/2017

*I know spring is coming because I received my order form to sell geraniums as a fund-raiser for Chapter M P.E.O that I am a member of here in Kellogg.  I had kind of forgotten I had the order form, but was reminded today, so I started notifying the people who had purchased them last year, and also sent some other emails and messages out to see if people wanted to buy some.  They really are good quality flowers.  We sell hanging baskets in red or pink for $20 each, and 4 inch pots for $2.75 each, also in pink or red.  The proceeds from the sale goes toward scholarships for KHS female graduates.  Part of the purpose of P.E.O. is to support the education of women.  I always know summer is coming when those geraniums are delivered in May.  Here are some photos of what the geraniums looked like last year on delivery day.
Red Geraniums

Pink Geraniums

*Another sign of spring today was the crocuses coming up in my front flower bed.  I always love it when the first flowers of spring start to bloom. 
*Today I enjoyed lunch and the book discussion with my book group today.  We usually meet every month, but we had to cancel last month, so it was fun to finally get together again.  We had a bit of an Irish-themed lunch, so I made Colcannon, which is Irish Mashed Potatoes with kale and green onions in them, and lots of butter.  The ladies always love it when I bring some kind of potato dish, so it was a big hit!!  If you are curious about my Colcannon recipe, you can find it here.  Maybe you can make it for St. Patrick’s Day on Friday!!
*I have had a butternut squash sitting on the counter for weeks that I have meant to use, as well as a sweet potato.  I have this really good Roasted Butternut Squash Soup recipe that I finally made for dinner tonight to take over to Mom’s house.  It is a really good combination of squash, sweet potato, carrots, celery, onions and garlic roasted with olive oil, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, herbs and cayenne pepper.  Then I took some chicken broth I had made a few weeks ago, and pureed the vegetables with the broth, and it was yummy!!
*My Moscow girls arrived tonight for their spring break, along with Molly’s bunny Dumblebunz.  It is nice having two of my girls home for a week!  (We’ll have Zoe home at the end of the month!!)

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