Gathering Graces 3/18/2017

*I watched some episodes of Chopped this morning, and watched competitors transform their basket ingredients into delicious, or not so delicious, appetizers, entrees and desserts.  I found out that baby octopus is a very hard item to cook properly.  I also learned you don’t make bread pudding unless it is extraordinary, and puff pastry rarely has time to get fully baked.
*Our car has needed serviced for quite some time, and Paul got it over to Dave Smith Motors to get the oil changed, and checked out.  It feels good to have that item checked off the list. 
*I mentioned earlier that Molly and Cosette went to Salt Lake City for FanX2017.  Molly’s husband Travis was in New Hampshire serving with the Navy Reserves and was unable to go.  But the Navy was very, very good to Travis, and, instead of flying him back to Spokane like he was scheduled, they flew him to Salt Lake City instead to he could join Molly, Cosette and their friend Summer for the last day of FanX2017.  Very cool!!
*After eating leftovers from the night before, which were delicious, I started not feeling well.  A co-worker had coined the phrase “upsetation”, and that is what I felt like....I had an “upsetation”. (And co-worker, you know who you are!!)  But by bedtime I was feeling better.
*Paul was in the other room watching the Gonzaga basketball game on his computer with his headphones on.  It was funny hearing him talk to the screen as he got upset at what was happening, and he started “coaching” the players himself.  Thank goodness they won!!
*In case I was coming down with something, I decided not to go to Mom’s house for dinner.  Paul instead went over and fixed her up some dinner, and all was good.
*I did feel good enough to meet Nancy Ellen Hanks and Scott Reed at KHS for a rehearsal for our upcoming scene in Across Bank Street:Portal to the Clockworld Part 2.  It helped us both get a handle on what Nancy is looking for in our scenes, and we will film it the evening of April 1.  My character, Pemphredo, goes a little to the dark side in this scene. But, because of her actions, there are consequences!!
*When I spoke to Zoe on the phone yesterday, she told me that one of our favorite shows, The Great British Baking Show was back on Netflix with Season 2.  So I watched the first two episodes, and enjoyed watching the bakers create their Signature Bake, Technical Bake and Showstopper Bake, and be judged  by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.  The tone of this show is much different than many of the American cooking shows I watch.  It is much friendlier.  I love that when someone goes home, they all hug, and everyone is so nice to one another, and it leaves with you with good feeling.

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