Gathering Graces 3/14/2017

*I was back to myself today, and went for a walk with Nikki at KHS in the early morning hours, and felt great the rest of the day!
*It was a busy day of talking to seniors, and making sure I knew their plans and what they are doing, and still needing to do, and it was a very productive day.  I feel I have a better grasp of the KHS Class of 2017 and their plans for the future after graduation.
*Cosette came to KHS with me today and was in class to talk to senior about college.  Then she went to Pinehurst Elementary with me to help with the Drama Program.  It was fun having her there as my helper, and the kids loved Miss Coco.  She helped me talk to the students about creating characters through talking, walking and movement.
*I had a little breather after returning home from Drama.  Molly and Coco headed over to Mom’s for dinner, with Aunt Christy preparing the meal.  I ate a leftover pork chop and rice, and then it was time to drive up to KHS for our monthly Sixth Street Melodrama board meeting.  Usually we meet at the theater, but with Paul teaching Driver’s Ed today, it worked better to have the meeting at KHS up in Paul’s classroom.  I love our board members, and we had a great meeting, and should have our 2017-2018 season ready to announce soon!!

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