Gathering Graces 3/23/2017

*I was a little disappointed this morning when I realized I had not got my coffee order in at school to have one of the KHS students make me coffee today.  Later in the day, I was in Room 112, where the coffee is made, and said something about my disappointment.  Bless you, Erin Schneider Stevenson, for suggesting that Aaron Stepro could make me a cup, since he doesn’t get a chance to do it because his class is later in the day.  It was nice and strong, and so delicious, just the way I like it.  What a wonderful thing for the students to do.  And I loved my quote today on the cup....May your coffee kick in before reality does.
*  Today 37 KHS students were “tapped” into National Honor Society.  They receive an invitation, and then have to turn in an application next week to be considered for membership.  I enjoy being the NHS advisor and working with these students, who exemplify Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.
*I am currently selling geraniums for our P.E.O. chapter, and am selling more geraniums this year than ever before.  It helps that I started earlier, and reached out to more people this year.  We sell them to help fund, among other things, two scholarships we award to two KHS women graduates.  It is a very worth cause!!
*It was Drama day at Pinehurst Elementary again today.  One of my NHS students, Taylor, came to help me out today.  We had the students get into groups and perform skits again today.  One particular group stood out, the group who performed the skit “Wide Mouthed Frog”, with the help of Taylor.  Very well done!!
*I got home when the Gonzaga vs. West Virginia men’s basketball game was at half-time.  I did some playing around on my various devices, and found if I downloaded the NCAA app on my phone, put in some TV provider info, I could Chromecast the game on the television.  Isn’t technology wonderful!!  Plus, Paul called after he was done with Driver’s Ed and walking home to see what was going on with the game, and it was during the time 0ut when the refs were trying to figure out a call on a ball that went out of bounds, and there was about two minutes left in the game.  He got home just as the game got under way, and it was fun watching those last few minutes of the game together.  Plus, I was able to get my final 3,000 steps in while watching the game.  It was a good motivator!!
*Paul and I watched the beginning of the Xavier vs. Arizona game, then spent some time working on some new songs we are going to sing this Sunday at church.  I love spending time singing together...we just don’t do it as often as I wish we could.

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