Gathering Graces 3/27/2017

*The morning started off with a message from a high school classmate sharing some encouraging words, and a kind and generous offer.  What a nice way to begin the day.
*It felt good helping one of the seniors and their grandparent work through a problem, and get it all worked out so all will be well when he registers for college classes this weekend.
*Had another parent call me who wants to come talk about their student’s college information to help get a grasp of how much financial aid they are receiving and making sure they are understanding the whole process.  It was encouraging this parent reached out and called.
*Zoe texted around 10 a.m. and said she was getting ready to leave Nampa.  She kept me posted via text when she arrived a certain destinations, and before you knew it, she was pulling into the driveway in her new car!!  Her very nice car!!  It will be so nice to have Zoe home for a week.
*Our book discussion group was going to watch the movie Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope, but we encountered technical difficulties. The darn DVD would not play in Paul’s computer in his room.  It did play, but then it wouldn’t.  So everyone headed for home, and Paul, Zoe and I ended up watching it on our own last night at home.  What an incredible documentary about how they have scientifically proved how ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) affect the health of people, and the importance of identifying this early and helping the children with early intervention.  It was very interesting and informative, and goes right along with the books we have been studying.

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