Gathering Graces 3/26/2017

*Last year when we did the community Easter Cantata, one of the songs in the performance was a song called “I Am Redeemed”.  That is one song that has stuck with me all year long.  Yesterday I shared it during our praise and worship time at church.  Such a wonderful message of love and redemption.  If you want to hear the song sung by the writer Big Daddy Weave, listen here.
*Watched more March Madness today, as the Carolina teams dominated the day, with South Caroline defeating Florida, and North Carolina defeating Kentucky.  It has been fun being able to watch the games at home this year.
*As summer approaches, it means the new season for the Sixth Street Melodrama and Theater will open in July.  We have finalized our shows for the upcoming season, so I have been working on some publicity items to help get the word out about our upcoming season.
*All day long Paul and I had been expecting Zoe and her new car to appear.  She called around 3 p.m.  She would not be coming until tomorrow, because she still needed to pay for her new car and get it licensed.  She had told me all this in a text yesterday.  I seem to have missed it, but when I looked back at her texts, sure enough, there it was!!  So we look forward to her arrival tomorrow.
*The flood waters have receded in the Silver Valley.  We do have rain in the forecast all week, but hopefully no more flood warnings.  The day did start out with some beautiful sunshine, but was gone by the time we left church.  The sun was nice while it lasted. 
*The Great British Baking Show continues to take up my time as I work on various projects.  One of today’s highlights was a man who created an incredible lion sculpture out of three types of bread.  A couple times on this show they have made their own puff pastry.  Some day I hope to make my own puff pastry from scratch.  At least one time!!

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