Gathering Graces 3/15/2017

National Honor Society Members

*Paul and I help advise the National Honor Society chapter at Kellogg High School.  The members have been selling raffle tickets and gathering lots of different prizes for the raffle.  Today at our monthly meeting we had the drawing for all the prizes.  We gave out 18 different prizes!!  I even won an Extra Value Meal card from McDonalds.
*After school I went to the Uptown Hair Salon so Lynette could do her magic on my hair.  I got some new color...chocolate, vanilla and plum.  I really like the way it turned out!!
*I came home for a dinner break before heading off to a meeting, and wondered what I could have for dinner.  Fortunately, my lovely daughters Molly and Cosette had decided to order Wah Hing for lunch and had lots of leftovers, so my dinner dilemma solved.  Sesame chicken, Potstickers and Crab Puffs were on the menu for my dinner tonight.
*Then it was time to go to my P.E.O. meeting.  We were suppose to have it out in Rose Lake, but, because of the flood warning in the area, we changed the location to here in town.  I was thankful for that change.
*After I arrived home from P.E.O., Coco and I sat down, and she did her taxes.  Fortunately her payment to federal and state was not as bad as we anticipated.  We are very thankful for all the scholarships she receives to attend the University of Idaho, but they do count as income, and she has had to pay taxes each year because of them.

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