I have been toying with the idea of giving up white sugar and meat this summer.

I think I would feel better, and it would be a healthier way of eating.

I haven't 100 percent committed.  Plus I need to get a little buy in from the rest of the family to make it work.

But I think it would be a fun challenge to try and eliminate those two things from my diet and see what happens.

I'm going to do a little research, and look at recipes and see what I think.

The tough part will be smelling the neighbors bbq....because meat on the bbq is very delicious.

Now, I wouldn't give up honey, or stevia...natural forms of sugar.  Just the processed stuff.

Can I do it?.....only time will tell.

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barb said...

I too am contemplating no sugar or meat. I admit I haven't done much research but what little I know, I believe my health would benefit. Bless you on this adventure.