Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

The following clip is one of my favorites, and was filmed right down the road in Wallace, Idaho in the movie "Dante's Peak".

I really like to drink coffee.

But it is because I really like the taste of coffee.

Yes, sometimes I enjoy the burst of energy I get from the caffeine, but I drink coffee because I really like how it tastes.

The darker the better.  I love dark roast coffee. 

My brand of choice is Starbucks.  I like buying the Starbucks beans and grinding them myself.

No, that actually isn't true.  I like Paul to grind the beans and make the coffee in the morning.  I don't know why, but sometime in the last year, I started making coffee that didn't taste as good as the coffee Paul made in the morning.  So I don't make the coffee anymore, I let Paul make the coffee.  It may be all in my head, but I swear his coffee tastes better when he grinds the beans and starts our Mr. Coffee than if I do it.

And I drink my coffee black.  Occasionally I will add some creamer, especially if we get some of those special ones around the holidays, but usually I am content drinking my coffee black and strong.

When I go to Starbucks, I don't just order drip coffee.  I try different kind of drinks.  On our trip to Seattle this last weekend, my coffee drink of choice was a Mocha.  And I like mochas with lots of coffee flavor, and a bitter chocolate taste as opposed to a sweet chocolate taste.  Starbucks makes the kind of mocha I like.  And I pass on the whipped cream.

But I occasionally get a latte, or a cappuccino, or, a Frappuccino.  Now a Frappuccino is YUMMY!

In Coeur d'Alene, another favorite coffee place is Java on Sherman.  Calypsos in CDA is also very good.

Kellogg has their own coffee roaster now, and I just bought some coffee from there to try out.  I'm looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.

When I am home, I am rather particular about what coffee mug I drink my coffee out of in the morning.  I have my favorites.  My I Love Mommy mug, the New York mug, the Starbucks 16 oz mug, and the white Starbucks mug with the green logo is also one of my favorites.  I usually try to find one of these choices in the morning to drink my morning cup from.

Coffee is a thing I really enjoy.

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